Department of Finance

Empanelment of Chartered Accountants.




O.M.NO.09/Fin/Adm/                                                                                                                                                                          Date  02/08/2012


          Whereas all Banks, Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies  etc. operating in the State requiring the services of Chartered Accountants are required  to avail the services of only the Firms  Empanelled with the Government of Sikkim , Finance, Revenue & Expenditure  Department vide Circular No. 11/Fin/Adm. dated 21.8.2007.

          In order to regulate the empanelment of Chartered Accountants Firms in the State, following procedure are prescribed with immediate effect:

1)       Chartered Accountants Firms/Company interested for empanelment must submit application form as prescribed in Form CA-AF which can be obtained on deposit of `100/- ( One hundred) under 0070-OAS from FRED or alternatively the forms can be downloaded from Departmental website Completed forms alongwith Demand Draft drawn in favour of Senior Accounts Officer , FRED amounting to `100/- should be submitted to Controller of Accounts.

2)       Challan for deposit of prescribed fees be obtained from FRED.

3)       Completed forms in all respect in form CA-AF, alongwith Challan for deposit of Empanelment  fee should be submitted to Controller of Accounts, FRED for Empanelment.

4)       Renewal of empanelment shall be done on submission of application by the Chartered Accountant Firm in Form CA-RF supported by necessary documents and challan for deposit           of renewal fee.

5)       One time Empanelment fee fixed for `25000/- which shall cover renewal for a period of 3(three) years and thereafter renewal fee of `5000/- per annum.

6)       Non renewal of empanelment  by any Chartered Accountant Firm shall qualify  for deletion from the list of “Empanelled C.A.Firm” maintained by Finance, Revenue &Expenditure Department.

7)       Any firm who fail to renew the empanelment within the period of three months from the due date of renewal shall have to Re-empanel as a fresh chartered Accountant Firm.




                                                                   FINANCE, REV. & EXPDT.DEPARTMENT

 Memo No. GOS/Fin/Adm/C-2/Part III/12-13/.../Fin                       Dated:           2012

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                                                                         DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNTS

                                                                   FINANCE, REV. & EXPDT.DEPARTMENT

                                                             ( File No. GOS/Fin./Adm/C-2/Part III/12-13)